Computer not running games like it should

My computer has - recently - not been running games like it should.
When I play games such as Diablo 3 It won't run at as high an fps as it should and will lag noticeably when moving from area to area taking a much longer time that it should to load.
I also was trying to play the game Runescape and it would not work at all because it would freeze and not work. I don't understand why it isn't working properly and I'm not very

Computer Specs:
Acer Aspire 5755G
Intel core i5 2450M 2.5GHZ
Nvidia geforce Gt 630M with 1GB Dedicated VRAM
4GB DDR3 Memory
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  1. If someone could help me out with what steps I should take to rectify these problems and identify the cause I would be very grateful. Thanks
  2. check your temps. maybe you just need some compressed air. also check you tak manger for other things running.

    have you updated any drivers lately or made any other changes
  3. Not many other things running that would be a problem. Updated my graphics card driver to see if that would help but to no avail
  4. are your temps okay. do you have a power setting on that caps your CPU. do you ever run some cleanup software like ccleaner or when is the last time you did a defrag.
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