GTX 670 Running 10MP?

Hello, I am a physician (radiology) looking to build
a system for work. We use 3MP DICOM calibrated monitors x2 for reading films and 1920 X 1280 standard HD monitors x2 for dictating- all on one computer. Can the GTX 670 4GB handle it? The rendering is done on our server, so this is for some light rendering and image display. Typically I display 3-7 studies at once at 250MB a study. Or I display 25 studies at 25MB a study (preferably more). I am also constantly dictating on a very bulky program and constantly scrolling. At the same time I open up a 250MB-1.5GB (no compression) study on our 3D program, which does the rendering on our server- but I still display it with compression. Right now we run some POS old dual xeon and have ancient Video cards. Can the GTX 670 handle this? I don't want to blow money on Quadro or Xeon, because it's not worth it and the rendering is done on the server. THANKS!
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  1. I'm not sure if you could run 4 displays at once. It can handle up to 3 displays at once with res. up to 2560*1600, with an extra for info; i'm not sure if it can do more than that. someone check that one.. Amd's chips with eyefinity support can apparently support up to six (!!!) monitors, although I don't know if there are any manufacturers that would ship gpu's with that many ports.
    P.S. I'm not an expert, but some knowledge is better than none.
  2. It can do 4 at 1920 x 1080- I've tested that: 8MP. I haven't tried the 10MP though. The 3MP DICOM monitors are 5000 EACH! So before I beg for them- I wanted to get some input. I may be able to borrow some to try it- but that's not easy so I want to get an idea first. THANKS!!!
  3. Actually I don't understand most of the OP, but here are some explanations;
    1- Rendering is done mainly by the CPU not the GPU, Quadros and FirePros are used for professional 3D, animation, finanction, rendering work that mainly uses GPU acceleration.

    2- You can run up to 4 displays with a single GTX 670 simultaneously, but I'm not sure if you can run the 4 displays as a one large surface (nVidia Surround).

    3- In your case, you don't need the extra VRAM, 2GB version will be enough.
  4. Thanks ilysami. 2GB sounds good. Since rendering is done mostly by the CPU it makes my choice to not get a Quadro look even better! Thanks.
  5. Just ensure you have the proper connectors (converters) to connect your monitors and get it work.
  6. nevermind
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