The advantage of more than one graphics card?

What is the advantage of more than one graphics card in a computer?

I'm going to use the NVidia Titan and play game such a assassins creed 3 and battlefield 3.
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  1. Better performance and larger number of monitors supported. Some cons are its usually more expensive than a single card solution and consumes more power. You won't need more than one Titan to max out any game (Besides Crysis 3 maybe).

    If you want to use two cards, go with 2x GTX 670's. Cheaper than a titan card.
  2. Don't go for titan! it is a 60 percent increase over a 7970 ghz,(or a 680) with more than twice the price. Go for two 7970s, or two 670's, or if you cant use two cards, a 690 will easily beat the titan.
  3. Heck if your a 1080p a 7970 is plenty unless your going 3D or 120Hz. Titan just makes no sense for gaming unless your running 3 with a wall of high res monitors
  4. Typically, two mid range cards are cheaper on a cost per frame basis than a single top of the line card. Sometimes, they are even cheaper outright.

    For example, two 560 Ti's costing $410 ($205 each) gave ya 40% more fps than a $500 GTX580 . That kind of performance per dollar made the 560 Ti the best selling DX11 card ever .... even with the new cards shrinking it's share, it still currently holds 4.99% of the market.
  5. ive seen some numbers (reviews), personally i dont think titan is worth $5-600 extra.
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