building a new pc, what do you think so far . . ??

I am building a new, much needed computer in the next month or two, and was wondering if you might be able to look at my ideas, and make any suggestions you might see approprite. This is what I am thinking about . . .

CPU: AMD Athlon 1800, 1900, or 2000 . . . which ever is best for the buck when I make my purchase.

Memory: 512 Mb DDR . . . which brand should I go with??

Motherboard: was looking at either Soyo or MSI, very open to suggestions here.

Video Card: GeForce4 4600 Ti . . . no question

Sound Card: either Creative Works Audigy Platinum or the Hercules Home Theatre XP . . . can't decide, again, very open to suggestion.

Case: Lian Li (not sure which model, any other suggestions besides Lian Li??)

Speakers: Klipsch 5.1 . . . I have heard they are the best

I would like to run my computer through my home theater system, so that is something I am considering when doing the make up of my new system. I am going to be doing some heavy gaming, as well as hopefully utalizing a nice audio system. I already have the cd-rw from my last rig. Any help and suggestions would be awesome.
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  1. I have good experience with Crucial memory. I have Lian-Li PC-68 and Cooler Master Cooler Master ATC-210-AX1 both are great but I like the Lian-Li case better.
  2. Am I supposed to answer this one differently than the other one?

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  3. posted here too to maybe get some people I may have missed . . .
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