Antivirus causing PC freeze.

My company has acquired a new client for tech support. I went there to install antivirus on their workstations as we do for all our clients. This new client has Win7 on all workstations and a small business server running in a domain environment.

I installed Kaspersky on all 8 pc's in their business. The next day we got a call from one of them saying their computer was acting strange. Once I got there I discovered the pc would freeze when launching Quickbooks or Outlook. I ran a malware scan which turned up nothing. Then after some troublshooting steps I decide to uninstall Kaspersky. Well what do you know, that worked. I didn't want to leave him with no protection so I installed AVG free. Same outcome. The computer only will operate without antivirus.

What could be causing this conflict?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Maybe their Quickbooks and Outlook are infected?

    You could try running MS Safety Scan on their computers to make sure they are clean before you install AV software.

    I used Kaspersky in the past and loved it, but it's too expensive.

    I run Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes on my pc's, both are free.
  2. Is this happening before or after an initial full scan of the system by the AV app? Many AV apps do a sort of baseline "full" system scan after installation. Then, they only looked at changed files afterward (performance increase method).
  3. how many antivirus are installed, you should only run one. verify that no other applications are installed
  4. I did an initial scan before installing Kaspersky and AVG with a removal tool I keep on my USB drive.
    I did check that there were no other antivirus programs installed.
  5. When you install Kaspersky or AVG, they usually perform a full scan upon restart. That scan can take quite some time (depending on the system in question). So, was this a one time event or every time the system restarted (after the initial scan was completed)?
  6. So this only happened to this one client? You install Kaspersky AV on other systems without this problem?
  7. here's a long shot ..... But is there a firewall on the puter ?

    ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall: Includes ZoneAlarm firewall and antivirus protection provided by Kaspersky Labs.

    Installing Kapersky when ya already have one of the ZA Suites installed can be problematic.

    I'm running ZA Internet Security Suite on a SOHO (12 puters) and have no issues with Quickbooks Professional. We don't use Outlook (Lotus Organizer) or Internet Explorer (Firefox).

    At other office we are gradually migrating from Kapersky to ZAISS (about $13 per seat)
  8. Disable all shields/ services of AntiVirus installed and check that whether system is fast now or still freezes.
    If it still freezes then its a problem with PC Operating system.

    Remove unused programs
    Install and run antispyware software
    Free up wasted space with Disk Cleanup tool
    Defragment your hard disk drive
    Disconnect unused network connections:

    Click Start, and then click My Computer.

    On the Tools menu, click Disconnect Network Drive.

    Select the network drives that you no longer need, and then click OK.

    Also perform this task::

    Click Start - Run, type in %temp% and then click OK.

    Once that temp folder is open and you can view its contents, select and delete EVERYTHING that's inside it.

    It's all junk and is a good place for "nasties" to hide.

    If a few files resist being deleted, that's normal. Leave them alone and delete EVERYTHING else.

    Repeat the steps with c:\windows\temp

    After you're done with both temp folders, restart the computer.
  9. you could also try boot from kaperskys live cd and run a scan from that.
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