Is it safe to pick a GTX Titan major brand?

If i were to buy a gaming rig with a geforce titan on a custom computer site, do you think it'll be safe to select the major brand version? there are two options here, geforce titan major brand and geforce titan evga, the evga is 39 bucks more. There shouldn't be any risk in choosing the major brand for the titan right? i read some stories that theres a chance you might get a bad third party brand with major brand but the titan just came out, i don't think any bad third party company could get their hands on this card yet.
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  1. Build. Do not buy. If you absolutely have to buy. and for whatever reason you cant build. Get the evga just in case. Majer brand is very generic. It could mean something like asus or gigabyte but worst case scenario would point to reference card. You dont want a reference card.
  2. Sorry about the late post. DIdnt know it was an old thread. Anyways. Question answered.
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