7770 problem?

i play star wars the old republic online and it didn't before, but now the monitor while playing will sometimes go into no input signal, black screen, any ideas?

current specs

amd phenom ii x 6
4 gb ram
asrock 970 extreme 3
powercool 750w psu
sapphire vapor x oc 1 gb 7770 edition
asus 24'' monitor
windows 7 home premium edition

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  1. what do you do to fix it? do you have to do a hard reset? or does it just come back on its own?

    do you know what the temps are (cpu+gpu) when this happens?
  2. doesnt go higher then 60 degrees celcius on high load, and i have to shutdown by power button, then when i turn it back on it will come back on normally
  3. is that the cpu or gpu temp? and whats the other at?
  4. ah its the graphics card temp, and idk about psu but it just feels a little warm, not hot
  5. i want to blame the psu, just based on the brand
  6. wouldnt that overheat the computer tho, not the monitor? monitor doesnt even turn off it just says no signal but its still on, an pc is on too
  7. the monitor is saying no signal, because its no longer receiving the signal from the pc. so we have to understand why the pc stops that. it could be (possibly) any part inside the pc. most likely either the gpu, psu, motherboard or ram. when did this problem start?
  8. daswilhelm said:
    i want to blame the psu, just based on the brand

  9. just very recently within the last day or so, but it happend a few times, it could be the gpu but it doesn't even go above 60 degrees which is fine so i've been told, sounds like a psu issue yea
  10. nevermind i plugged my old graphics card in to test it and it works fine, it was my current graphics card that is the issue then so ill just get a replacement, thanks anyway!
  11. glad you solved it!
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