Graphics card wont boot windows xp

I have an unusual problem with my new GeForce 560TI. when installing windows 8 the display becomes distorted and then looses communication with my monitor. I suspected i may have a card with faulty memory so to check i installed it on windows xp and it worked fine. i then suspected i may have a problem with my system running windows 8 so i installed an older graphics card i had (Geforce 8500GT) and windows 8 installed perfectly. after the windows 8 install i re-installed the new asus 560ti but had the same problem... the screen became pixelated and then lost communication. i re-installed the older graphics card and went to and performed a clean install of the latest drivers for the 560ti and then tried again to boot with the new card and i had the same trouble. i have now tried every driver combination possible from nvidia for the graphics card and none work. the card works fine on the same system with windows xp but will not run windows 8.... you guys are my last resort dont let me down... ty in advance for your support.

Older Alienware pc:

Motherboard: FOXCONN NFORCE 590 SLI
Processor: AMD 64 5200+ AM2
RAM: 4x1G
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  1. the windows keeps showing (display driver stopped working ) ?
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