Gateway GM5478 video card upgrade to asus 210 issue

I have an old Gateway GM5478 PC that has a GeForce 8500 GT graphics card which has been bugging out slowly, so I tried replacing it. My initial research told me a power supply upgrade was also a wise choice if going to a better card, so I did that first. I went up to a 600watt from a 480 watt, no issues there.
But when I install the new Asus 210 silent 1gb card into the system it won't move past the Gateway welcome screen, where you can select the BIOS menu before booting up. It freezes there!
I can't select F2 for BIOS menu or do anything past that point. When I remove the new card and reinstall the GeForce card, it works fine... Can anyone help me with this, as I'm lost!?!?
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  1. SOLVED:
    Updated BIOS and everything worked fine!
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