Why is my internet connection detecting such a slow speed?

This is a weird problem. I have no issues whatsoever with either my internet connection or speed. My download speeds haven't changed, they're more or less at the speed my router locks at about 1,5 MB/s (I should have a nominal DSL speed of 3 MB/s, but, you know...ISPs).

However, when I look at the icon that has a summary of my connection, it detects the speed as being 13,9 KB/s almost an ISDN speed. I wouldn't have a problem with that, but ever since that happened, I can't seem to connect to a TF2 server for more than 20-30 seconds (with the rare exception). I get disconnected almost immediately. Sometimes, I can't even connect at all. I don't know if the two problems are connected, but it's worth putting it here. Oh, and I think my problem started when I was trying to see if I can disconnect the pc from the internet by clicking on "disconnect". It turned out I can.

My specs:
Windows XP Home
Wireless Router Thomson 585g (I think - however it has a wired connection to my pc)
Other specs shouldn't matter but here they go: Core 2 Duo E6400, 2GB RAM, P5B Asus mobo

So, is there a problem here? Are the TF2 problem and the false speed detection connected? Can I do anything about it?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Very likely you caused the problem with the "disconnect."

    Does your computer also have a wireless card? If yes, then check to see if you changed the adapter priority placing wireless above wired, look here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/894564

    If it only has the Ethernet port and no wireless, I would delete the LAN from the computer and then restart and reinstall the driver. Then check your network settings to insure that they are set to automatically get an IP address from the router.

    And yes, I think that both problems are caused by a common problem.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I just repaired the driver. It disconnected me from the internet (OK). It fixed the speed. It said 100 Mbps (as it supposed to). But somehow, I couldn't connect to the internet. I restart both the PC and the router. I connect to the internet...aaaaaaaaand the speed is 13.9 kbps again...My browsing or downloading speed haven't changed. The only real problem should be for TF2 (as far as I can see it). What else can I do?
  3. So the computer does not have a wireless adapter also, right?
  4. Nope.
  5. What speed and latency/packet loss results do you get if you run http://www.speedtest.net and pingtest.net ?
  6. Speed is about 12mbps from a server in my city (Athens, Greece). Router locks at about 14 mbps, so everything is fine. Ping on that server is 33 ms. Packet loss is 0%. I even got a grade A from pingtest.net. Everything seems fine. I am just wondering if the TF2 error is related to this particular error and why windows detects my speed as 13.9 kbps while it obviously lets through a lot more data than that.
  7. It sounds like it probably is related and is likely one of those issues that can only be fixed through a repair install of windows, which will not affect any of your programs but will require re-installation of updates. XP was very quirky that way with network issues.
  8. Well, thanks for your help, though. You tried your best.

    Edit: Would resetting the router help at all?
  9. Resetting probably wouldn't matter, but you should check all the settings to insure that they are all appropriate.

    Perhaps there is a QoS setting in the router, or a specific port that is being blocked at either the router or computer firewall level that would improve your connection for TF. I don't play TF so I don't know which ports it uses, but you should be able to find that easily.
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