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Which card to buy, please help!

BUDGET RANGE: upto 10000rs

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: i want to play battlefield 3 at ultra high settings with average at least 30fps

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: GPU- nvidia geforce 7025 onboard and, power supply - iball lpe223-400(doesn't matter, will buy a power supply excluding the 10k rs if needed)

processor- AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core 4800+
motherboard- Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P
ram- 2gb DDR2

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: any indian website or just graphic card name, i will search for prices



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: please help me someone i am finding a good graphic card for my system from days but i am still confused, any help will be appreciated :)

-Miranda W.
(if any more specs are needed please contact me in the thread :) )
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  1. Your current cpu is weak and it will bottleneck with any gpu which is above hd 7750.if you really enjoy games upgrade the cpu and ram + you need 4gb ram minimum for games
  2. a different kind of answer:

    in my experience ALL of those nvidia integrated cards hardly ever last more than 3 years.

    just a thought... maybe its just bad luck i've had while repairing those computers. last one was a gateway from around 2008 i think, extremely slow performance and integrated graphics not working properly.

    have you think about upgrading to one of those very cheap mobos with celeron included? would be new and performance will be faster than the one you actually have. later on buy a cheap graphic card.

  3. i can add more ram if you like, if the HD 7750 works with my configuration still i will be happy, and if the HD 6850 is compatible i will start dancing, please someone conform again which is the best GPU for my cpu including or leaving these two......
    and btw to everybody i do not intend to buy new mobo or processor if i wanted to wouldn't i have asked about it instead of graphic card :P
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    I would go with hd 7770 nothing more than that.go to local store you will get hd 7770 at rs 7.9k as flipkart is overpriced.avoid gigabyte,msi gpu due to service issues in india. So go with hd 7770 + 2gb ram + corsair cxv2 430 psu.
  5. First, start with the RAM.... u need 2 to 4 more GB of RAM and make sure they it is in both memory slots to avoid bottleneck. Next, since your motherboard is not powerful, get a power supply of 500W with about 30 Amps. And last, get a Nvidia Geforce 640 or an AMD Radeon HD 7750...this is for if u want to save money.
  6. awesome both of you thanks for your answers and yes i think 7770 is overpriced on flipkart, on general US websites even if i take 1$=60rs then its not going more than 7.2k, one last question please tell me with confidence and clearly that will 7770 not bottleneck my cpu?? if it doesnt then i'll just buy it with a psu.(7750 or 640 doesnt stand a chance they are nearly of same price as 7770 and also gives a lot less performance than 7770)
    also do tell me if there is any other GPU which is the bottlenecking limit for my cpu and better than 7770.
    also please tell if i will need a cooling system for 7770(it does have 2 fans already lol)
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