NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 vs Radeon HD 6450

I want to buy a graphics card but I am confused in hd6450 and gt610 both have almost same features. Which is Best among these.
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  1. Hd 6450 is faster than gt 610.
  2. Get atleast hd 6570 if you really want to play game while gt 610 and hd 6450 not made for games every new games will strugle.
  3. Get whichever is cheaper, both cards will offer very weak gaming performance so that's almost not even a factor. Only use I would find in those cards is for extra display outputs, which can be handled by the cheaper GT210.
  4. Thanks I am thinking about hd6570.I should get it.Thanks once again for advice
  5. And go for 1gb hd 6570 only as 2gb is waste of money
  6. Actually, I've seen the 2GB 6570 go cheaper than the 1GB 6570. But yeah; the 6570 is an alright gaming card. The 6670 is a bit better; get it if it doesn't cost more than £10 than the 6570.
  7. you can buy a GT 610 1gb i also have it and it can run crysis 2 perfectly though i have a pentium 4 which is not recommended on my board ITS A GOOD CARD , a mid range card
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