Nvidia gt520 DDR3 silent or ati 6450 DDR3 silent

hi. i have just the amount of money to buy a graphic card for my small htpc computer. no gaming at all - ever!

my question is : (i havent found an answer here 'cause all answer compare gt520 versus 6450 ddr5)

the two card i can buy are:

asus gt520 silent 1gb ddr3

asus 6450 silent 1 gb ddr3

which card should i buy? performance? best video quality? only thing i noticed is that the asus heatsink is huge!

thank you in advanced.
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  1. There shouldn't be a difference in video quality and any difference in performance would be pretty much irrelevant for an HTPC since they're both plenty fast enough for the job. I'd recommend getting whichever is cheaper.
  2. they both costs the same, the nvidia is $2 more than the Ati.
  3. Might as well get the 6450 and save the $2, for what that's worth. Also, the 6450 is an AMD card. Ati is Radeon 5000 and older. Radeon 6000 and newer are branded as AMD. Sorry, I nitpick on occasion ;)
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