Broken Video card?

Hello, I recently built my first semi-budget rig, and everything else seems to work fine, but when I turn the power on, the graphics card is not responding at all.

I have plugged in the 6pin power cable but it almost seems like the "golden fingers" would not get a direct connection with the motherboard because of my computer case.

Could this be the reason why it seems not to receive any power at all?

PS. I hope I posted this in the right category.
I'm new here

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  1. make sure you used the mb brass standoffs. they give the mb space not to short out on the case. also when installing a mb dont screw the first few screws down tight. with most cases you have to adjust the mb a bit so that the video cards/extra cards have room to drop into the case slots. with large video cards you need to remove two of the back case slot covers then line the video card up with the top pci video slot. one closest to the cpu. when it falls into place it lock in with a clip and a small snap. witrh most cards you have to line up the video cards/extra cars to fit into the back case slot covers.
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