Hooking up power to XFX AMD 7850

I have a quick question please.

I am working on my first build and I am unsure about hooking power to the GPU. It has two 6-Pin connectors on the side.

I have a Rosewill Capstone PSU which has two cables in which I think I need to use just one of them? They look like they can be used as a 6-Pin or an 8-Pin. Each of them has one end that can be connected to the PSU and has two other ends which say PCI express and SLI Ready. Do I just use one of those cables and leave the little 2 Pins hanging or do need to use both cables and only use the PCI express of each one?

Thanks for any help!
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  1. Use both cables and leave the 2 loose pins on each cable hanging free.

    Some graphics cards require a 6 pin and an 8 pin or even 2 of the 8 pin cables. PSU manufacturers keep the extra 2 pins separate so that the PSU will be compatible with a wide range of card.
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