Is this interlace or else ?

When I do something (scroll web browser, play games or watch videos), this problem shows up. It's something like interlace, but no one have problem like this. It's looks like a part of screen aren't moving, but the lowest part of screen are moving, and it's makes something that I hate very much :fou: . It's cutts the screen in half.
part of screen aren't moving, but the lowest part of screen are moving

I begging you, help me !

P.S. I submited this post here, because this is Display forum.
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  1. could be a bad video card. computer spec?
  2. You don't understand, I changed every part of my PC, I even have a new PC !
    graphic card: Asus (amd)Radeon 7750 900 MHz, 1 GB
    cpu: amd fx-6100
    And msi motherboard.
    P.S. This problem is only with low quality (flash games or else games with not so high visual effects) and when I'm moving (or picture is moving).
  3. Are you using a TV? Projector? Monitor? etc. Also have you tried it on other tvs/monitors/etc? using onboard video?

    Is there input lag? Does this happen with videos or games?
  4. How I sayed, I submited this post here, because of titles monitor, so I have monitor. I have changed my monitor (now I have 1080p Dell). How I sayed befor:
    I have this problem with video and games, but with high effect games everything is fine. Maybe onboard graphic card could be diferenter, but I think, it have not enought strenght for some games…
  5. Maybe this could be helpfull...
    this is the thing about what I'm tallking.
    Watch in the fullscreen and with 1080p, to se if you don't se that, and look in the window.
  6. I don't see anything wrong with that video. Have you tried reinstalling/updating flash?

    Another thing you could try is to either turn on or off GPU acceleration in the video card drivers.
  7. What do you mean, you don't see nothing ? If it is my problem, then I wod see all video in this, but I see it only in the frame. The screen refresh, or how it's called… you don't see thos lines streching frames by parts (like you watch a part of it strue a window).
    I haven't seted up GPU boost and I don't wont… even if my card is running with 18C', I don't wona burn it down or kill the script.
    You can see this, in the video !!! Look cerfulli !
  8. I notice very minor lag due to screen tearing from the lack of them using vsync. Is that what I was supposed to see?

    Also I wasn't talking about GPU boost I was talking about using GPU acceleration, It takes some of the load from flash things and allows your GPU to help out. It might be either not enabled or causing some trouble so either try turning it on or off depending on which settings its currently on.

    Oh and GPU boost won't burn your card, there are safety features in place to stop that.
  9. 1. Yes, that's that about I'm crying all the time. So how to fix that ?
    2. My GPU acceleration is on. If I turn it off, then I got yellow strips…
    3. Thanks for information. :3
  10. Ahhhh, well I would try forcing Vsync to see if that helps, it might. Though videos are usually forced to a set framerate... well regardless try it and see. I think its in catalyst and under 3d settings or something similar.
  11. I haved this problem earlyer with geforce gt 620.
    I don't think, that vsync can help…
    Soo, my problem is called: input lag ?
  12. "ERROR"
  13. No, its not input lag. I am not entirely sure what would be causing this problem. You have pretty much exhausted all of my bag of tricks. Have you tried using a different video cable?
  14. My monitor have VGA input, but it don't support it. I'm using DVI. I don't have HDMI, but I don't think, that this will change something…
    My father got PC With SONY TV connected to it. I'm not sure, that there is differences…
    Siriosly, I'm only that hates this thing ?
  15. That's screen tearing, you need to turn V-Sync on.

    If the game doesn't have that option, try using RadeonPro.
  16. Yes... I'm using V-Sync on, but it don't change much. If I have V-Sync off then this problem is bigger.
  17. And what's the point of RadeonPro ? It's more looks like a virus.
    I will try out using V-Sync all the time...
  18. And what it's change ? It have all the same options that AMD vison Engine Control Center. So far that I don't see this problem, but when it shod show up, my game starts freez.
  19. ....I'm sorry, what?
  20. Sorry for my bad english…
    1. What's in RadeonPro are differenter, then in a standart amd radeon control panel ?
    2. The problem is gone so far, but some time the game frezzes (stops, the fps is criticaly low).
  21. Thanks, that helped out very much.
    So one last question... how to mark this topic as solved ?
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