Can i run NFS Most Wanted 2012 withis this RIG?

Hey whats up?So my rig contains :AMD FX 4130 3.8 GHZ Overclocked to 4.3
750 W PSU
6gb ddr3 ram
Asrock 960gm/u3s3
All the recommendations acceptable.
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  1. you can max this game but depends on the resoultion but i suggest getting the vapor x 7770 its the best 7770 out there and that psu is overkill 500w is enough + oc
  2. you can play in ultra settings with some low FPS!you could also go for High settings and have no problem!
  3. Thank you all for the reply.I have already ordered the vtx3d so i cannot change it with the vappor,but thanks.So the whole point if im able to land 35-45 fps with all settings high or ultra.
  4. I play on 24inch monitor on 1900x1080
  5. i believe the best for you would be the hight settings option!but you can always test it and see! ;) !
  6. Is there any big differnce between high and ultra settings?
  7. a bit difference in the eye (quality) but affective in FPS(more)!not a big difference at all!
  8. u should be fine, as said it a matter from ultra to high, i played it just fine with a single 6770, dont remember the setting but was 1080p
  9. Isn't that game still broken to hell or was there an update? Last time I played it the framerate was horrible.
  10. did you try without vsync?
  11. Didn't seem to make any difference.
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