My ATI/AMD vs NVIDIA questions

I know there is a lot of threads allaround the internet about this, but, irelly want to know, nd ask some questions about which is beter.

Here are some questions and my likes and dislikes on them

I like the look of most radeon series gpu's, the rectangle shape, i don't like most nvidia cards because most don't look like that.

I like the name nvidia and the series names, but not radeon names

Which are better for price for performance?

I mostly like the pov, msi, zotac, and of course the ones that come from nvidia and amd directly

also, if you will give links, give me linkss for GTX 660 ti or AMD equivalent
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  1. Well if you're going to buy your card based off the name or the shape of the card, what do you need us for. Go with whatever sounds nice and looks pretty to you.
  2. There is no better or worse between NVIDIA and AMD. If you gave us a price we could recommend a certain card, but without a price a blanket statement like you are asking for is impossible.
  3. Please rephrase your question. It seems that you already have your card and makers picked just go and grab one.
  4. well, around 2000 to 2500 HRK

    that's about 344$-431$

    but only in the stores from my country:
  5. hey, msi gtx 660 ti PE OC vs xfx 7950 800M 3 GB???
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