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Super overheating HD 7870

I've just bought an XFX HD 7870 Core. I've been using it for a week now and it started to overheat on idle, 89 degrees and BSOD. After reinstalling windows i thought it was ok then i ran a game. The temperatures started to rise which seemed normal. After i closed the game the temperatures was still high and the voltage was 1.219v which was previously 0.825v. I thought about restarting but after windows started and i got onto my desktop i immediately ran HWMONITOR. The temperature was 37 degrees with voltage 0.825v but 2 seconds after the voltage increased to 1.219v which i assume is a lot, the temperature started to rise drastically. For the first week i did not have this problem, remember i reinstalled windows and also after windows has started that the gpu start to overheat. Any solution for me? The gpu seems to overclock itself for no reason or whatever(or windows is overclocking it i don't know you tell me)
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  1. 1.219 sounds like whatmy sapphire 7870 runs at. Your gpu downclocks at idle to save power so that is why you see the .825v. If you just bought the card RMA it. No point in waiting for your warranty torun out.
  2. I understand your point but at idle the voltage is 1.219V fans speed about 90%, sounds like a jet and is extremely hot well above 80 degrees. How is this possible.
  3. ok guys i've pinpointed the problem. Just after i install far cry 3, my gpu start to overclock itself and overheat. Not while playing the game but just after installing it. I did not have this problem with any other game for the time being. What is this?
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    I don't think the cooler got put on the card very well, hence 90% fan and 80C.
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