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Hi, i have a Dell Optiplex GX620 Small Form Factory,and my brother wants it for some gaming.So i thought to buy a video card.
My board has a x16 pci-e 2.0 slot (or 1.1 i am not sure).

BUT THE PROBLEM IS THAT MY PCI-E SLOT IS 25W and not 75W.(i can read this in dell manual in dell Website)

I want a 5570 and i am ready to buy it but i am not sure

WHAT should i do???
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  1. Do you have a mini tower?Also what is your power supply, under 300W?If you have a mini tower then consider that every gpu you buy it will be burned.WHY?So the whole point is the small tower,there is no space inside so the air cannot flow propperly and the gpu is overheated.If you want a budget gaming pc just get a mid tower and built with your own custom gpu and cpu.
  2. i have already a core i7 3770k and gtx 680
    i dont't care about overheating ,,i just want to know if my slot can handle hd5570
  3. my psu is 275W
    12V at 17A
  4. Ur psu is too weak you need at least 400W to handle a 5xxx or 6xxx series gpu.i asked you if you jave mini tower but with this cpu and gpu i guess you got a mid.Im almost sure that hd 5570 is not supported with this slot.But if you make a little research on 5570 i think you ll find usefull informations.IMPORTANT:Buy a better PSU if you want your pc to handle your prefered gpu.
  5. My friend has a HD5570 in a 250W PSU 12V in 16A
    PSU is not a problem for me...
  6. Radeon HD 5570

    Product Features

    PCI-Express 2.1 x16 bus interface DDR3 memory Microsoft DirectX 11 SupportMicrosoft Windows 7 Support if you have that,you re ok i think you can buy it.
  7. But its better a pci 3.0
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