Who here uses Nvidia Experience? I'm having problems.

I'd been keen on the 'nvidia experience' because I'd hoped for a one click optimisation for my graphics settings based on hardware.

I'm wondering if it's buggy though.

For instance, based on my rig (below in my sig) it recommended ultra settings with everything on full for Skyrim. I did this, though I thought I already had it setup as being everything on full, and now when I play it, the game stutters and the framerate drops from a consistent 60 to about 43. That would be ok, but it actually stutters and lags when entering a new area which has never happened before.

This has also happened with Crysis 3, but with crysis I don't get stutter, just a constant 30 fps when I set everything to very high (smaaX2) where I, and others get around 45fps with the same settings and similar rigs.

Another strange thing is that the fraps counter doesn't go down from that 30 fps. Recording or not.

I just wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences and if it may be worth uninstalling nvidia experience...

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

EDIT: Forgot to set sig, here's my rig:

Haf 922 Coolermaster Case : ASROCK X79 Extreme6 GB MOBO : i7 3820 @ 3.6ghz CPU: 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz RAM : 120GB OCZ Agility SSD : 1TB Seagate Baracuda HDD : Palit Jetstream GTX 670 2GB GPU :
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  1. I had used it for a little bit, but i never felt it really gave me optimal settings, it would usually put everything up too high.

    It is still in beta correct? I think your best bet would be to either continue testing it and reporting bugs back to nvidia, or uninstall it and set the games settings yourself as the program is still in development it is bound to have some bugs.
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