Substitute for onboard video

hi, my new GPU simply does not work
the onboard vga and hdmi are disabled
there is no option for integrated video in the bios 'uefi'

is there a software and monitor that runs display out of usb??
so i can see what i'm doing
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  1. it's a new acer with windows 8 and it has a gt 630
    i've plugged an hdmi in the gtx 660 i've been trying to run, to a sharp television
    the gt 630 works fine... i've updated the bios, the power on the gtx 660 is in and the led is lit green not red, the fans are running, but no signal.. i tried the dvi to vga adapter, no luck.. and i've tried plugging in the vga from the motherboard.. it's disabled and there's no integrated display options in the bios 'uefi'
    the onboard hdmi is plugged up with plastic x___x
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