Computer won't connect to internet and can't dial in to router

I have cable broadband internet. My internet modem is a Ubee D3.0. It is connected to my Netgear N600 Wifi router which have my computer and DirecTV hooked up to it via ethernet. My wifi went down the other day. Devices were connected, but were not getting any internet service. In troubleshooting, I attempted to dial in to the router using as well as, and I could not get into the router. I assumed the router must have crashed, and I only purchased it a month ago, so I took it back to the store and exchanged it for a new one. I got home and plugged it in, still not working. I can't access it using the above mentioned methods, and the setup software does not detect a router present. I unplugged the router and hooked the computer up directly to the internet modem. Still no luck. The computer does show a network connection in the system tray, but with no internet. I plugged my laptop in to the internet modem, and I am able to get internet just fine from my laptop. I'm stumped at this point. I even did a system restore to a restore point last week when I know the internet was working. No luck. I appreciate any advice. My desktop is running Windows 7 Ultimate.
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  1. is your network card enabled?

    can you get an IP from the router?

    have you checked the network cable?

    have you checked your Proxy settings?
  2. I believe the answer is yes to all of those questions. Also, I hooked everything up to my laptop, and I have the same problems with the router. I show a local network, but no internet, and I cannot dial into the router settings.
  3. have you tried
  4. what's your IP connected to router? Then to modem? when connected to router if you get a 192.168.*.* address the gateway address will also be marked? Type this address into web browser, router come up? Are you physically wired into router (not wireless)? does cable from modem plug into WAN/Internet port on router (not ports 1,2,3,4)? pc plugs into let say port 1 wired? then if this is all how it is and you can't connect router the firewall on pc is blocking access. if plugged to modem direct and or router directly with cable and get a 169.254.*.* address, issue with firewall or driver, disable firewall or uninstall driver if no firewall present (Zone alarm worst for that), reboot, let redetect and reinstall driver, test again all methods if only with 192.168.*.* IP, don't test with 169.254.*.* IP, if driver reinstall and you still get this IP, driver is corrupt and need to get latest driver from site on other pc that connects and transfer by USB Flashdrive and try that newer driver and test or network card/connection on motherboard went kapooey, you need to get new. give results can further update.
  5. Turns out it was my DirecTV bringing down the entire system. I'm not sure why, but I disconnected it, and everything was fine. After powercycling my DTV adapter a couple times, it started working fine as well. Thank you all for your help though.
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