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Ok so even though this isn't really needed, it's for a 10 user office I have two tower servers with dual nics but not the same brand (just bought a cheapy gigabit startech) to go with intel on board nic. Also my switch is also gigabit which is a trendnet teg-s24dg which does not support link aggregration.

But since I have two nics and both servers are running win2008 enterprise I want to use the other nics for throughput if possible. So to give an idea servers are doing DC/AD and fileserver DFS rep. If I turn one off the other picks up and network still functions (there is a small lag since dns has to pick up that other is not responding.

So far the best I can think I can do with the extra nic is add ip's to second nics and add to dns and round robin or install NLB role to for two server cluster.

I can't really team them since they are two different brands, so what would you do or do you suggest I can do with them. Also I have a T1 and dsl going into a dual wan firewall dsl is not being used for anything. (might use it for a seperate wifi network if people need it.
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  1. For starters you can' bond them without special software on Windows. As your using different brand NIC's there is essentially zero chance of you getting them to work using LACP. Also your switch must support LACP in order for the bonding to function properly.

    With all that said, your best bet would be to give each interface it's own IP address and alternate having clients connect to each interface. Use a hosts file on the clients if you need to. This isn't ideal but it'll function.
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