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I recently bought a NEXXT Ion150 150Mbps Wireless N PCI-E Adapter, it worked fine.

As of typing this, maybe 20 mins passed since the problem started, what i did was create a new partition on my hard drive
With EASEUS Partition Manager, Partiton was successfuly created, on reboot, my wireless card no longer functioned.

Checking in the device manager, windows gives me the error that the drivers cannot be verified that they are not digitally signed. (An error about this happens when i first installed the drivers, but instuctions from the instillation guide say to proceed anyway, drivers installed and worked fine up until the creation of the partition)

I uninstalled the drivers, rebooted and the default windows drivers install and the device starts back to work,
I tried reinstalling the drivers, rebooted, card stopped functioning and device manager still gives me the error.

While the device works with the default windows drivers(atheros networka dapter)
with the corrext driver installed speeds seemed faster.

Help/solutions to this problem would be greatly appreciated, also i apologize if this is posted in the wrong place.

I am running windows 7 64bit, 8gb 133 ddr3 ram
Intel core i5 2500k,
Biostar Tz68A Mb
WD 500gb SATA II Hd
His 4670 1gb Gfx
Corsair cx600 PSU

Thanks Nathaniel
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  1. try to reinstall them as administrator also give the link for the router
  2. Did you tried newest 64 bit drivers from the manufacturer website?...
    I did not find your devise on it. So it is probably discontinued and you know what that means, right? :(
    Anyway since you just bought this card return it and get something newer and brand name like linksys, netgear, dlink or cisco.

    However wireless is not the way for desktop. I use wire and would never go otherwise unless you are on a budget and neighbor provides your internet if you know what I mean :D

    So get a cable and connect via wire network...much faster and the most importantly no connection issues what so ever.
  3. I did Run as Administrator, didnt make a difference

    This is the only link i can find online for it, the picture for it is wrong tho,
    And the device is new i believe, full support and drivers arnt available, on the website...(I believe) It worked fine before i created a new partition
  4. could not find any win 7 driver you will have to use the one you got with the card or ask for refund and get one from another maker
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