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2 Nvidia Graphics Cards

I'm only 15 so don't have hundreds to spend on an upgrade but as its my birthday soon i'm looking at upgrading my PC. I am looking at a new motherboard and graphics card and was just wondering as the new motherboard has 2 PCI-E 2x16 slots can i use the new GTX660 and my current Geforce 9600 GSO. i know they wont run in sli and i can use the 9600gso for Physx but can i use both cards for CUDA?
I have looked online and cant find this anywhere. was just wondering as it would speed up video conversions a little
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  1. Video conversion would be easily handled with either one of the GPU but again, only one will be put to work since they aren't identical GPUs. However, let's say you were to use xilisoft then your 9600GSO will be utilised to the max due to no support as of yet for GTX 600 or Radeon 7000. So when gaming, you can have the 9600GSO do the PhysX and when doing video conversion, depending on the software, then either one will help dramatically with respect to speed.
  2. I believe that you could potentially select each GPU to handle a certain amount of CUDA related work. Back in 2009 this was how it got done but now I am not so sure. I hope someone else can chime in on this and expand on it further.
  3. I don't think you can split up the CUDA work anymore though you can do two videos at the same time running CUDA on both of them, so 1 card would work on vid 1 while card two works on vid 2
  4. Hey just note if you are upgrading your MB then your old/memory will probably need to be replaced too. You don't need two 16x Pcie lanes to run phyx and a normal GPU. As long as you have a 8x pcie lane for your main gpu I think you be fine with a 1/2x pcie lane for GSO phyx card (correct me if I'm wrong about the phyx).
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    I think he can run it on the pcie2.0 x4 without issue but with 2 pcie3.0, he can tun 2 660's + 9600GSO :P
  6. OK, thanks for the help, i will have to save a little bit more but just wanted to make sure it will work, so thanks for your feedback. and luckily i wont have to upgrade memory as i'm sticking with AMD and can put my old memory and phenom 955 in the new motherboard. would just need some thermal paste. this is the motherboard and would just like to check it will in fact work
  7. that motherboard will work
  8. thats good to hear, thanks
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