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Hi, will adobe cs6 work with the onboard graphics
On this motherboard: ASRock H61M-DGS
Also here is the spec for my computer
Intel i7 3.5GHZ Quad Core Processor
1TB Hard Drive
16GB DDR3 Ram

Which external graphic card do you recommend?
Im on a tight budget
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    If you aren't using 3D rendering often, and don't do a lot of the advanced filtering, the HD4000 graphics are plenty. I have a similar motherboard using the built-in HD4000 graphics without issues. Some of the 3D rendering doesn't work, and a few of the filters are slow...but 99% of Photoshop works great.

    This video card will improve the 3D rendering and filter speeds.

    My suggestion is to try it (onboard graphics) before you buy a may decide to save $180-200 for an improvement....just my opinion....
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