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EVGA GTX 660 Getting Too Much Power -- IN NEED OF HELP

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
February 27, 2013 8:40:53 PM


Yesterday, I re-applied thermal paste to my processor and heatsink (a Noctua cooler and an i5 3570k). It went smoothly and I used an ESD wrist band.

However, since then my computer has started to act strangely. Problems were solved at first, but when i booted up Crysis 3, a very peculiar problem struck:

The screen went black and the fan om my graphics card (EVGA GTX 660 SC) went apeshit. Totally out of control. The only way to turn it off was to hold down the power button on the chassis.

I started prying into the problem, first using EVGA Precision to find out my temps on the GPU, and also how my fan was reacting. I found out that the power consumption of the card went over 100%, and kept rising, and in the vicinity of 120%, the card did its I'M COLLAPSING, I'M SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL.

First, I thought it was a Crysis thing. Then I tried Aliens: Colonial Marines and the problem was the same. The power to the GPU just kept rising until it hit about 120%. Finally, I tried with Battlefield 3. Same freaking thing.

I uninstalled Precision, tried Afterburner instead. Same ***.

Unistalled the latest nVidia drivers. Same thing.

Updated BIOS. Same thing.

I'm at a loss.

Please, please, please help me.

(The mobo is a Gigabyte Z77 and my PSU is an Antec 620.)

Input is VERY MUCH appreciated.

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a b Î Nvidia
February 27, 2013 8:48:47 PM

Its meant to go above 100%.

If its blacking out check its not overheating. Try setting the fan to 100% and running a game, see how temperatures turn out.
February 28, 2013 9:16:08 AM

Oh, okay :) 

But I'm sure it isn't supposed to just show me a black screen and then put the fan to max?

I will try to reinstall Windows (does that reset the BIOS?) and try again.

Any other tips?
March 3, 2013 4:38:15 AM

I am having the exact same problem.. and i just bought some new powerful fans for circulation, at first i thought it was an overheating problem but im not sure anymore, it works a lot longer but its still happens and my fan goes well apeshit.. im at a standstill and i am unable to do anything, im so confused lol, i have reinstalled drivers and everything but i havnt tried to reinstall windows.. i hate restarting my windows lol