77701Gb with 2Gb CrossfireX?

I currently have an amd hd 7770 GHz edition 1GB, and it doesn't cut the butter as well I want, I was wondering if I could crossfire the 1GB model with the 2GB model for a total of 3GB dedicated VRAM this would be sweet and would save me cash, because if I can't I think i'll just go with the HD 7970

Thanks for the help guys! <tom's hardware 4life>
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  1. Doesn't work like that. If you Crossfire 4 7970's you don't get 12GB of VRAM. In Crossfire the frames are rendered sequentially, one card does all the work for one frame, and then the other for the next. For this reason VRAM isn't shared. If you put a 2GB card with what you already have it would just run 1GB.
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