Gigabyte Windforce 7970 Ghz Vs. Sapphire 7970 ghz Vapor-X

Hey Guys,

I am in a huge dilemma i am stuck between both the Gigabyte Windforce and the Sapphire Vapor-X my question for you guys is well which one do u think is better? I am not a huge overclocker but I would possibly like to get into it I know both cooling solutions are very good from what I have read i also would like to do crossfire as well so whats your guys opinion?
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  1. Well both cards are top class. The windforce has obviously a better cooling but the sapphire is excellent as well. Just to let you know the sapphire comes out as 3GB and 6GB. If you are thinking of going for 3GB then buy the gigabyte one. If you are thinking of going for 6GB then your only choice would be the Sapphire one. Keep in mind though that you need an extra 120$ to go from 3gb to 6!

    If I were you I would go for the gigabyte one.

    Hope this helps!
  2. I generally find gigabyte to be of higher quality and most of their products get higher reviews than sapphire's
  3. Overall, the performance of gigabyte 7970 is slightly better than Sapphire's.
    although its 3-fan cooler makes more noise, you can manually adjust fan speed by using their utility.,3186-11.html
  4. I have the 7970 dual-x and I dont have one bad thing to say about it. When I was choosing a new gpu it came down to the windforce 3x ghz and the dual x and I went with sapphire, for no other reason than Ive owned sapphire cards before and was happy with there products. Either way you go is a good choice. I've got my 7970 clocked at 1100 on the core and 1550 mem, with no voltage change, so it oc's very well.
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