Gigabyte Windforce 7970 Ghz Vs. Sapphire 7970 ghz Vapor-X

Hey Guys,

I am in a huge dilemma i am stuck between both the Gigabyte Windforce and the Sapphire Vapor-X my question for you guys is well which one do u think is better? I am not a huge overclocker but I would possibly like to get into it I know both cooling solutions are very good from what I have read i also would like to do crossfire as well so whats your guys opinion? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Vapor-X is a better cooling solution and the design would give you a higher overclock. HOWEVER, if you want to crossfire, the windforce is better because it only takes up 2 slots, whereas the Vapor-X takes up 2.5 slots, forcing you to leave one slot empty between the cards (you should do this for crossfiring anyway, but two vapor-x essentially take up all of your expansion slots)

    I would suggestion considering blower-style fans for crossfiring as that pushes all the hot-air out of the case, but considering how loud AMD blowers are, perhaps two windforce would be optimal
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