How to connect my tv to my gtx 680 display port

I am running a dual gtx 680 configuration in sli on my pc and im trying to run my Vizio V032OE tv off of the 680's display port but it not showing up in the nvidia control panel.

i am using a display port to hdmi adapter and a hdmi cable running to my tv.

im also using both dvi ports and the hdmi port for my 3 monitors

is there any configuration to make this work or does the video card not recognize my tv through the display port
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  1. Did you change the video input on your TV?
  2. You are not the first person I have seen with a similar issue. Try using the HDMI to display port on one of your monitors and a true hdmi connection to the TV. It may be that some of the non-display informational data that flows between TV and Video Card isnt getting through the adapter.
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