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So I finally got my third 25.4" LCD monitor. Planning on setting up a huge eyefinity display. But I also want to hook up my TV over HDMI. Here is where my question comes from. What card should I be looking at or what is the "cheaper" way to do this? I know the Nvidia 6 series does this out of the box. Pretty sure I need to use a DP to DVI adapter for the third monitor while the TV gets HDMI. Anyone know if it needs to be active still? I think a GTX670 with one adapter will do it.

What about AMD? 7950 with two adapters? I haven't seen anything on AMDs site that says you can hook up that fourth screen though I see what I want to do in the pictures. (fourth as an extended display.) I want to go with the 7950 as the gaming bundle is much better. But if I'm going to have to buy an extra adapter it might not be the best idea.

Someone also suggested buying a motherboard with HDMI and plugging in the TV with that. I'm old school. Whenever I tried to use onboard video when using a GPU the onboard would turn off. Even now in forum questions I see people who claim the same thing. How would I find a motherboard that will keep it on?

I've been looking online for articles but haven't seen anything spelled out in black or white saying what I'm trying to do other then for Nvidia. I want to use 3 DVI monitors, and setup a HDTV for movie watching off to the side as well. Using either a SINGLE card or the motherboards built in HDMI port. I know I could get a cheap 5450 or something like that to handle HDMI, but two slot boards are cheaper then three, and I'd like to keep that second slot open for CF/SLI in the future. Not easy to push 3x 1080. Anyone with first handle knowledge or links, thank you.
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  1. The 6xx series can run four monitors from a single card and it is only the fourth monitor that has to be run from the DP, I don't know if it has to be an active one or not though but as it's not specifically mentioned I'm guessing not.
  2. So a 670 will give me the same problem? (needing two DP to DVI adapters.) I thought most 670s only ship with one mini/DP?

    I'm thinking more and more that using onboard HDMI is the way to go to hook up my TV. I'm still worried about buying a board that turns off the igp when a GPU is installed. Anyone know of a way to tell other then buying if this is the case?
  3. My 660's have 2x DVI 1x HDMI 1x DP which I think is the same as a 670.
  4. Have you ever tried doing this? "Eyefinity" on the DVIs and DP, a fourth on the HDMI? I asked because you said the fourth monitor needs to be on DP and I want the fourth on HDMI. I would think it wouldn't make any difference...
  5. Yes you can do it on a 7950, I do. For my 3 primary monitors I have 2x Display port and 1x DVI (Technically monitor is HDMI, so I use a DVI to HDMI Cable). For my fourth screen I run it using HDMI (technically the HDMI goes to my receiver then another HDMI from receiver to 4th screen). When they say the 4th screen has to be DP, they mean the ONLY way to get up to 4 screens is using Displayport, not that screen #4 has to be the one on Displayport. You'll need 2 adapters to go from Displayport to DVI, but after that you should be good to go. For normal tasks I have all the monitors setup seperate, when wanting to game with EyeFinity I have a profile that combines my 3 24's and leaves the 4th screen seperate.
  6. Nvidia call it "Surround" and whilst similar to Eyefinity it is different. I haven't tried it myself as I don't have the room.
  7. Thanks Adio. I figured from my reading that I could do it that way. Problem is that's two adapters adding $60+ to the cost of the 7950. This includes the Flex models from Sapphire as everything I've read says two DVI and HDMI. I know I'll need an adapter but would like to use only one if possible.
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