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Need to upgrade HELP!!!!

I am currently running intel HD 4000 and i want to upgrade. I only play league of legends and want to play it on ultra with shadows with at least 60 fps. What card should i get??.
HD 7770
HD6850 = 65$ used
GTX 650 Ti
HD 7850??? = is this overkill for league??
GTX 470=100$?? uesed
GTX 460= 120?? used

Intel i5 3570k
8 GB ddr3 Gskill Ripjaw
520W antect 80 plus bronze PSU
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  1. a hd7770 should be enough to max out that game and a hd7850 would be overkill for that game for sure.

    gtx470 for $100 would be the best choice imo.
    tho I'd probably go for the hd6850 cause its cheap and almost the same as the hd7770.
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    I vote the used 6850 (Unless it's not trusted and without buying/card warranty). Second option would be the 7770. They perform about the same these days. The used 460 is just plain expensive for $120 and the 470 at $100 could be a good deal, but it's an old card and it is a thermal generator plus power eater and also overkill. The 650 Ti and the 7850 in my opinion is overkill. But if you are planning to play games beside LoL the 7850 seems to be a viable option.
  3. Thank you everyone =) should i get the 470 for 100$ even if it is over a year old??
  4. kwlxtian said:
    Thank you everyone =) should i get the 470 for 100$ even if it is over a year old??

    that seems to be the best bang for buck your psu should be able to handle it. However, make sure you have good air ventilation in your case since that card runs a bit hot.
  5. As I said earlier, it is a thermal generator plus power eater. I don't think it's a good choice expect that you are able to handle it. Modern cards such as the 650 Ti will be touching it's performance. And the 7850 will way outperform it.
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