Installation probs with Hauppauge WinTV (Win98)

The problem is that Hauppauge WinTV (some version of primio with stereo-radio and mono-tv) won't install properly to the windows98se environment. And first of all, this is what my computer setup looks like:

AMD TB 700 (not overclocked, running with default 100FSB)
320MB/81GB Maxtor
MSI-K7T Pro (MS-6330) with latest bios- and chipset-update (via4in1)
V3-3000 16MB AGP
Terratec DMX X-Fire 1024 PCI
O/S: Windos98SE

Windows finds the card (both audio- and video-sections), but after installing the latest drivers (v4.2 and v4.3beta both tested - older ones are tested as well) some Hauppauge's WinTV detection prog is telling that it cannot find a card, and suggests to re-check the setup. Anyways the device manager is telling that the drivers are up and running - without any problems. It has it's own IRQ-address, which is not shared with any other peripheral. But when I try to launch WinTV2000, WinTV32 or Radio (latest versions, of course) my computer locks up, or in some cases when windows stays alive, it pops up a error message stating that the driver are currently used by some other application.

I've tested several different PCI-slots, updated chipset drivers (via4in1) and bios to latest version. And before every new driver-installation attempt I've reseted configuration data from bios. And I've tried automatical and manual IRQ-assignments as well.

Somehow I think that the problem is bios-related, and therefore I haven't yet done the magical 'format+windows re-install'. But does any of you have any ideas how to make this to work? By altering some bios-setting maybe?
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  1. Well, now the problem is solved. I found program which resets the drivers, and after that I re-installed them.
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