Need help with the dlink network camera

I am in search of a low cost network camera that i can see online, and by going on numerous sites, and conversations i end up with dlink network camera. They are:



The best part about these are you just have to plug and view online.

But now I am having one problem, the dlink people say that i can only see the video or image on otherwise I have to provide a dedicated IP address to the camera. And I want to view this camera via server IP address. Is there a way that I can configure the camera to my server IP address.
If any one has used or know the camera which can be view online via IP, The main thing that I am trying to say is that i will extract the image via server ip and use it accordingly.

All replies are welcome !
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  1. I think you should be able to solve the dedicated ip address issue using

    There are many people using the internet camera the way you want.. so the help will be there in google....let me know if you required more specific solution
  2. thanks for the info, but now i am using the ftp server upload option and refreshing the images dynamically...
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