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GPUS being more similar in design=better optimization for PC games?

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
February 28, 2013 5:58:15 AM

One thing that always bothered me was how poorly some games were optimized for PC such as Crysis 2, GTA IV, Fallout New Vegas Saints Row...list can go on forever
my question is this really, console hardware is continiously pushed to the limits because they all have the same hardware and can be much better optimized, so why don't Intel, AMD, and Nvidia develop a select few CPUs and GPUs to be only for gaming that can allow developers to optimize games for PC just as well as they do for consoles? for a fair price as well.

I ask this because i believe the reason most people don't game on PC's or at least the majority do not, is because of having to keep spending, keep ugrading, and keep downloading drivers only to have minor differences in graphics because Devs dont spend the time to optimize their games for PCs. :??: 

When i do get a well optimized PC game it's phenominal how much i can do with it. after a recent driver update my GPU which is Galaxy GTX 460 768mb can play Crysis 3 max settings at decent 30Fps, with AA at smaa x1<that is very demanding on high :o 
that card to me is the single greatest optimized card paired with my i2500k, there isn't a single game i know where i can't max everything at a decent Fps. even skyrim with graphic mods i get 40 to 50 FPS. using HD textures, enhanced lighting FX, increased spawns, ambient occlusion mod, weather and seasonal foliage, expanded cities.

So I ask, what do you think? what do you believe These companies could do to make it easier for Devs and console players to focus on better optimized games and move towards PC?

Do you think These companies keep a large variety as not to hit a plateau in their sales? Always thought that could be a large possibilty.

a b U Graphics card
February 28, 2013 6:10:09 AM

well, it is because we can customize the pc. the pc has sooo many uses and purpose that there are so many parts with different speeds and features.
it gives us freedom to use what we want as long as they are compatible. consoles only have a few configurations (almost identical), so basically that is what you are looking for (an xbox 360 is almost a pc)