Refresh rate problem

Hi All,

I have intel i5
win 7 home basic
Nvidia 7600 gtx
2Gb Ram
and a LG flatron monitor

I downloaded the Complex mod for homeworld 2 and since have been having problems with my display. When I switched on the PC after playing complex for the first time, nothing happened, no power at all. I opened her up and un-re plugged stuff (after checking for power cut mind!) and she came back to life. hooray i thought...

So here is the problem, switch on, as normal, shows options to enter bios, can enter bios no probs. booting windows the screen goes blank quickly says something about D-sub 47 HZ then goes blank, then says going into power saving mode but the monitor power light stays on (stable not flashing) and various combinations of these and does sometimes go into power saving mode properly. I hear windows startup jingle, enter password though i cant see sh*t and hear welcome ping. Now comes the really odd bit, if I unplug the monitor and plug it back in once windows has finished booting *gasp* it 'works' I say with inverted commas, cos when I start any game the screen goes blank for a second every minute or so getting more regular, I turned down the brightness on the monitor despite my doubts it would do anything but it does make the blank spells noticeably less frequent but not as you guys say [SOLVED]

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Just to update.
    message says
    47.6HZ / 60 HZ
  2. try lowering the refresh rate to see if it solves the problem
  3. It sounds like a hardware issue with:
    a) Power Supply, or
    b) Graphics Card

    My money's on the graphics card.
  4. Hi, thanks for your responses.
    SkyWalker, I tried lowering the refresh rate but anything lower than its default 60 Hz causes picture instability, not sure if that is due to monitors auto feature...? but I cant turn that off anyway.

    Photonboy my graphics card is not great but has taken more strain than homeworld puts on it from X3 reunion, do you reckon that timing was just coincidence. It is older than the rest of my system, but it has been faultless till now.

    I also just found out that the PSU I have was advertised as 450W PSU but its actually CALLED a 'Power - 450' with a max output of 230W! Like finding out your tin of caviar contains cat food! As i say though it has been fine til now, any other ideas, apart from get a decent PSU and GPU, the Mrs aka. the financial director wont be pleased with another funds request!?

    My TV died 3 months ago and so I have been deprived of my xbox 360 too, I tried to use a plug to put the 360 on the monitor, but get a frustratingly similar message about khz / hz numbers change depending on whether HD or TV switched.

    Thanks again Tom
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