Need some help upgrading my desktop

Hey there,

Last week I made a thread on upgrading my desktop with a new grapics card and PSU.
Finally found out which PSU and Graphics Card to use, and that everything is compatible, but I still have a couple more questions..

1. I found this version of the GeForce GT640 Graphics Card, is it a good buy? Since I don't know the difference between the PCIe 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 I don't know which one to buy, but my guess is that PCIe 1.0 is good enough.
2. I am looking for a back-fanned 400W PSU, but all I can find are top-fanned PSU's.. Can I just put these in my desktop as well and just turn them 90 degrees? Or does anyone know a reliable (Dutch) store where I can buy back-fanned PSU's?

Sorry all the links are in Dutch, but I think experienced users will understand the site ;)
Thanks in advance for the help!

ps. My other thread (for more specs on my pc) can be found here.
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  1. 1. The GT640 is an entry level card, wouldn't buy it outright TBH. Save up till you can afford at least a 7770 if your after gaming performance.
    The PCI gen (1, 2 and 3) is just increasing amounts of bandwidth per lane. Any modern motherboard will be at least Gen2, with the newer Intel and some AMD mobo's being Gen3. As long as your running the graphics card in a PCI Gen2 8x slot or better, you don't have to worry about bandwidth being an issue.

    2. If the case has a grill at the bottom and the necessary screw mounts at the PSU cutout you can just flip the PSU to put the fan on the bottom. What case are you using?
  2. "At least a 7770"
    Do you mean these? Just wondering, why would you go with this one instead of the GT640?

    My desktop case is that of a iXtreme M5741, google images only give you the "beaty side" of the case, so here's a picture of the back of it:
  3. Entry level cards like the GT640 offer very poor price/performance, in this case spending more to get yourself a decent gaming card will be much more worthwhile.
    On the graph there you can see the 7770 has 45% performance compared to the 25% performance the 640 has (all relative to a pre Catalyst 12.11 HD7970). So there's a near doubling of performance for about 1/3 more cost looking at the prices on the website you linked.

    I think you will be able to mount a PSU the right way on that case, provided its ATX standard (which it looks to be) all the mounting holes will be standard so it should fit.
  4. Thanks for the help manofchalk! One last question before I click order:
    This PSU is compatible, only thing is that the fan blows the air down?
    And ehm, I'm gonna order that 7770 ;) I'll just make a good investment once so I'll have fun of it for a couple years before I have to buy new parts for my computer!
  5. The fan intakes air into the unit, then expels it out the mesh at the back.
    The XFX 550W is a good unit as well, nice choice.
  6. Thank you sooooo much! You just made my day with your fast and understandable answers :D!! I am ordering the PSU and Graphics Card now, I'll post back to you when I've made the upgrade ;)
  7. Promised I would get back to you, manofchalk, so here it is!

    Got my pieces delivered this morning

    And after some trial and error I got the new power source and graphics card in place and installed

    Now Crysis 3 is working at the highest resolution with the highest details!! Thanks so much!! :D
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