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I just completed my build last night and all is well except one thing. I want to have three displays and it will only display on two at one time.

I have a XFX AMD Radeon 7850 card. It has two DVIs and one HDMI. When I hook all three up, no matter which order I choose, the last one will be detected but will not display.

Anyone know what I need to do to remedy this?

Thanks to anyone who takes a look at this.
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  1. you should have a Displayport or Mini-display port
    One of your monitors has to be connected to display port via an ACTIVE adapter for 3 screen
  2. Correct. Between the two DVIs and the HDMI there are only 2 outputs. The other outputs are on the Display ports.

    Edit: Unless you have a Sapphire Flexx card.
  3. I do have those two mini-display ports. So I suppose I will have to buy an adapter for one of those ports to use three monitors.

    What about the motherboard? Is there anyway to use the display outputs on it? It has one HMDI, one DVI, and one VGA.
  4. No. If your board keeps them active with the GPU in there, you won't be able to add it to the eyefinity group. The third display much come from the card.
  5. *Read your video card MANUAL. It will clearly state how to do this.
  6. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/344343-33-eyefinity-setup-guide

    Stickied post at top of this forum. Not all the onformation is 100% accurate at this point, but the displayport part remains true.
  7. Man. It's tough to find an active adapter but I finally found one on Amazon.
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