Need a good scanner

... gonna use it for copy and fax documents .


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  1. for just fax and doc's you don't need a really good one .. I recently got a visioneer 8100 one touch actually it does pretty well on photos etc too i9t retails for 99.00 but I got mine at staples for 99.00 minus a 70.00 rebate - a 20.00 online coupon for free delivery too they charged tax but the net cost was 15.78 ( just bragging here I guess :smile: ) anyway look for deals like this on hot deal sites etc ..


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  2. A sub-$100 scanner will do you fine. For similar purposes, I have an Acer 640U.

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  3. What is a sub 100, is that a 99 or 50? And is there any advantage of having more than 600x1200 dpi for text and some photo scanning? I have seeing a cheap scanner at WalMart for 49 bucks, its name was BearPaw or something, will it do the job ok?

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  4. For copying and faxing, practically any el-cheapo scanner will do but for quality photo reproduction at high resolution, I recommend the Canon N1240U. I have one and it's absolutely amazing.

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