Crysis 3 Benchmarks - GTX 670 560Ti 465 GTS 450

I ran a 45 second benchmark near the very beginning of the 2nd stage, Welcome to the Jungle, right when you step out of the building and see the inside of the dome the first time. I did a 45 second loop around the grassy area from the stairs to the open sunshine and back.

Test setup:
i3 3220
4GB Ram
Intel Mini ITX H67
Corsair Cx750M

First number is Average, second is minimum.

All settings were run on 1080p, cept for a couple with with GTS 450.
I did 3 runs each on High, Med, Low, with FXAA turned on, AF 16, NO Motion Blur, Lens Flare on, Textures set Very High.
Turning the textures down netted me about 1 FPS per step. The difference between FXAA on and off was only 1 FPS for each card.

Avg Min Avg Min Avg Min

GTX 560Ti GTX 465 GTS 450 GTX 670
High 34 22 26 19 18 12 38 24
Med 39 28 34 24 23 17 49 36
Low 53 38 39 28 29 25

GTS 450
Low 1080p 29 25
Low 900p 38 32
Low 720p 41 33

GTX 670
Very High 34 22
High 38 24
Med 51 37
Low 49 36

I REALLY running into a CPU bottleneck with the GTX 670 and the i3... on the High run, it was only working like 50-60% load... my CPU was about 90%, it just can't keep up...

Video to come soon, I'm putting it together now!


Asus 560 Ti DirectCU II
EVGA GTX 465 Reference
EVGA GTS 450 Reference
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  1. Well...the fact is that these scores are not relevant because this game is designed for 4 core CPUs... Still if You get 22 minimum on GTX 560Ti with this CPU I guess this game is not that bad as everyone keeps sayin it is in terms of performance.

    BTW - why did You decided to combine 670 with i3 CPU? To me it seems ridiculous.

    *Notice the drop from the 3570K to the 3220. You really need a good quad-core CPU for this game.
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