Upgrading my graphics card and I'm hopeless!

Hi, so basically I want to upgrade my graphics card after finding out that mine really does suck. I currently have the Advent DT2412 and have just checked the wattage for it and it says 450w. I looked at the GTX670 and it says it needs atleast 500w so I'm guessing that's out of the equation so I was looking at the GTX660ti. I have one 6 pin adapter and two 4 pin adapters in my PC. Would anyone be able to tell me whether I would be able to support this type of graphics card or offer any suggestions as to what other, whether better (preferably) or worse (if needs be), graphics card to get? Many thanks in advance for your responses.
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  1. I think you need a 7770. I can't trust those PSUs.
  2. Wattage is not the only thing which matters. Check the +12v line (how many A u get there - should be on a sticker).

    660Ti seems to power hungry for such poor PSU.
  3. I agree with refillable. I'm reminded of a "Corsair Cinema" video in which they killed half a dozen (three of the fiery deaths were shown) "450W" Chokemax PSUs on 375W loads.
    Edit: Hmmm, or was it 325W loads? It's been a few years; I don't remember. Anyway, the three loud and fiery deaths took place quickly under loads well under the labeled wattage.
  4. So you guys reckon the best I could hope for is 7770? If so how easy/expensive is it to get a PSU that could support the likes of a GTX670?
  5. http://www.newegg.com/Power-Supplies/SubCategory/ID-58?Order=REVIEWS
    Here is a list of power supplies, sorted by reviews. I have no doubt that every single one on the front page with 4+ eggs will provide plenty of power.

    The GTX 670 has a 170W TDP, and the rest of your system will likely use 100-200W under full load. A 400W well rated PSU should be fine, assuming you aren't playing battlefield while running a virus scan and burning DVDs and defragging and folding.
  6. If I kept my current PSU then surely the GTX650ti would be a good choice in graphics card? It requires less power than the 7770?
  7. Newegg "reviews" of PSUs are essentially consumer fluff. Competent technical reviews of PSUs may be found at sites such as HardwareSecrets, Jonnyguru, HardOCP, and Anandtech. Essentially, you'll want something made by Seasonic (their own, XFX, high-end Corsair, some Antec), Delta (some Antec), FSP (their own, some Antec), Enermax/LEPA (their own), or Super Flower (new Kingwin and new Rosewill).
    Brands such as Logisys, Diablotek, Raidmax, Apevia, and even CM are typically not good for what is on their label (sometimes no more than 50%), may not provide "clean" power, and often lack protection circuits, such that when they die, they often take attached parts with them into the fiery abyss.
  8. dazhutch6 said:
    If I kept my current PSU then surely the GTX650ti would be a good choice in graphics card? It requires less power than the 7770?

    It eats about the same amount of power. If you are getting a 670, I at least recommend this PSU.

  9. http://media.bestofmicro.com/9/I/348966/original/Power.png
    Peak power draw, from the wall, is 325W. Factoring in inefficiency in the PSU brings us around 250W peak power draw, with a i7-3960X@4.2GHz.
    The "Required" PSU wattage that nVidia gives is vastly inflated since it takes into account shitty PSUs, people with 10 hard drives, 4 DVD burners, and a toaster in their PC. A 400-500W mid-range PSU will be fine.
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