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Awhile back I was running Windows XP and it started acting really slow. I got that double my speed program and it only made things worse. programs would not run and I could barely get my computer to turn on.
I could not find my disks to re-install XP so I bought Windows 7. I installed the 32 bit version and everything loaded fine. I left the computer on for a couple hours just to find that it had started running really slow. Audio and video both. It will take about 15 minutes for the computer to shut down but I can turn it back on and it runs fine for 30 minutes maybe an hour.
I was told I did not have enough RAM Memoryso added another 4GIG. I have 6GIG now which should be more then plenty yet nothing has changed.
Do I need to just go back to Windows XP?
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  1. first of all, you are limited to about 3.3 GB of RAM on 32 bit Operating systems.

    What are the rest of your system specs? Specifially, what CPU are you using? Is this computer very old? As computers age, they get slower for a lot of different reasons. Newer software demands more of your system, the registry gets clogged up, disks become fragmented etc. Try defragmenting your hard drive, running a registry cleaner, and let us know on the CPU.
  2. A computer that is running very slow on a clean install and behaving like your computer would make me think that your hard drive is on its way out. To test this download and run from the makers of your hard drive web site their hard drive diagnostic software.
  3. I'm going with virus, even though its a new system. If the OP is "clever" enough to buy some "double your speed" program then God only knows what else is on there. Could also be a broken heatsink or dying fan/heat issue as well. I'd do the usual cleaning steps. Make sure the heatsink is on, free of dust, fan spinning, and remove all the crap that you don't need. (NO program will double your speed.) Don't forget to update windows so that its harder for virus to get in.
  4. Sorry to say, but the Double my speed program is useless. It can't make your computer any faster than a fresh re-install would. To really be of help we need all the specs of your computer. Judging from the fact that you came from XP, your computer might just be slow enough to not really handle windows 7 well. However, that being said, I agree with the other posters that it being fast for a while and then slowing down might be a sign of either Hard Drive failure or a heat problem.
  5. Follow these guidelines::

    Remove unused programs
    Install and run antispyware software
    Free up wasted space with Disk Cleanup tool
    Defragment your hard disk drive
    Disconnect unused network connections:

    Click Start, and then click My Computer.

    On the Tools menu, click Disconnect Network Drive.

    Select the network drives that you no longer need, and then click OK.

    Also perform this task::

    Click Start - Run, type in %temp% and then click OK.

    Once that temp folder is open and you can view its contents, select and delete EVERYTHING that's inside it.

    It's all junk and is a good place for "nasties" to hide.

    If a few files resist being deleted, that's normal. Leave them alone and delete EVERYTHING else.

    Repeat the steps with c:\windows\temp

    After you're done with both temp folders, restart the computer.
  6. Thanks for all the informatikn! Since I posted i noticed that after my computer would go to sleep and wake back up is when it started to run slow. I turned off the option of going to sleep and i have not had any problems since. I do not know what the issue is with that part of the OP system but it seems to be fine now.
    Thanks to all of you for your help!
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