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PSU+GTS450 Help

I am upgrading an older and failing 9800gt and need to know if the current power supply will be able to handle a GTS 450.

System Specs:
Core 2 Duo e8500
2x2Gb G-Skill DDR2 800 Mhz
160 Gb IDE HDD
DVD/CD Writer
Generic case with 3 case fans and fan controller.
Multi-Card Reader

Current PSU:

I know its right there at the minimum on wattage but I don't do overclocking and just want to play a few newer games (Borderladnds 2 ect...) and surf the web.
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    it states minimum req is 400watts so you should be fine
  2. lol that psu is prolly doesnt even put out the advertised wattage...its NOT 80+ certyified

    i recommend a antec 80+ neo eco 550w
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    If you look at the label for you PSU it states the 12volt rail is only good for 16 amps.
    12volts x 16amps =192 watts of 12volt power.
    The Core 2 is a 65 watt part.
    The GTS450 is a 110 watt part.
    That puts you at 175 watts on the 12 volt rail.

    It’s very close but it should be ok.

    This PSU is a good example of a poorly labeled model. It’s labeled as 400watts but it only puts out 192 watts of good 12 volt power.
    It also puts out 208 watts of 3-5volt power. Who could ever use 200 watts worth of drives, fans and USB devices?
  4. I think calling it crap is not quite fair. If you understand its output and you don’t exceed its output it will last forever.

    80+ rating is not a measurement of quality; it is a standard of efficiency. Just because a PSU is not the most efficient model does not make it crap.

    That being said if you were to compare the label of an Antec to this Coolermaster you would see the Antec is labeled in a much better( more honest) way. For example if Antec states the PSU is good for 400 watts then it will be good for like 32 amps on the 12 volt rail. 12x32=384 of good 12 volt power.
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  6. I figured the amp rating on one rail would just skim past minimum but the fact that it has 2 16a rails throws me off. Some places i have researched say combine the rails for total amperage and some say other wise.

    Seeing as how i will not do any OC'ing or anything major other than a few games now and then, i went a head and got the cooler master psu and so far all is just fine.
    Under the max load that i will ever put on it i am drawing about 235 watts total if i am reading my meter correctly.
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