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I am gonna buy a GTX 660 ti and was wondering if it is compatible with the Asus P6T SE X58 Motherboard.

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  1. sure it is. the card has a pcie interface and your motherboard does too. high end mobo with a mid end video card is not a good combo..its like putting economy tires on a sports car
  2. What GPU do you suggest?
  3. depending on your budget two 660ti's is a sweet performance spot...they give you gtx titan performance for $400 less or get a single 670
  4. They will be compatible, but the motherboard only has a PCIE 2.0 port, and to get the best/recommended performance, you'll want a motherboard with a PCIE 3.0 port. 3.0 has double the bandwidth of 2.0, making better performance. Just know that any benchmarks you've seen for the 660ti will not be accurate for what you will be going with.
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