Window 7 unidentified network fix

After trying many of the suggestions listed without success, I found a simple solution. I changed my adapter link speed to 10M full duplex. Windows 7 immediately detected my work network.

If I changed it back to 100M full duplex or Autonegotiate, it went back to Unidentified Network.
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  1. this only works if you have any way going to your router,
    like through wireless-lan or other working PCs that can access your router address

    Do this on your working PC or Laptop with access to router

    * settings vary with router brands

    go to ( my address )

    Configuration -> LAN -> Ethernet Client Filter
    * click Allowed

    click on MAC Address List Candidate -> Active PC in LAN
    * make sure your disabled PC is connected to router or it wont show up in the list
    * you can try entering MAC address manually MAC address
    * if it doesnt show up something else is wrong

    MAC address for disabled PC is added to the list
    * Click Apply

    Go to the Disabled PC
    * the one with the unidentified network issue

    RUN ncpa.cpl

    right click on Local Area Connection -> Disable -> wait 10 secs

    right click on Local Area Connection -> Enable

    I have to admit im not sure how this worked for me, some settings might have been changed in the router accidentally

    would be nice if someone can benefit from this solution, if none of those posted fixes helps

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