Random Graphics card failure

So... i have been having this problem where my graphics cards like shuts off the screen will go black and the sound will make this like buzzing noise. I personally think its a driver issue. But it started a couple of months ago at random and i even had my card replaced so i know its not the card. And i don't think it is over heating because i could just turn my PC on and it would start doing it. Most of the time it happens when i start a game or something but its happened just surfing the internet. I have updated all of the drivers re installed windows and it still does it. I switched to Windows 8 and that's when it started happening but it was a couple of weeks after i had got it. I don't know if it's a windows compatibility issue or what, but i really could use some advice before i take it to someone so they can fix it. Also after i re seated the card in the slot on my motherboard it seemed to work for like 3 days but now it happens again. Also i had just changed my case out before it happened. I got the case and Windows 8 at the same time. But im not sure if it could be loose in the slot cause whenever i restart my pc it will work for like 15 min. Can someone please help me. I have tried almost everything. I thank you in advance and really appreciate it.

System Specs: AMD 8x Processor, EVGA GTX 570 HD, 8 GB Gskill RAM, 700 watt power supply, 1TB HDD, Asus Sabertooth FX motherboard.
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  1. Forgot to add these 2 things when the screen goes black, the card is still on, and the monitor goes to sleep when i turn the monitor back on it says not DVI input
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