PC wont boot with PCI-E express cables plugged into GPU

Hey everyone,

Current setup -

PSU - Corsair CP-9020059-UK CXM Builder series 500W Power Supply
GPU - Nvidia GTX 560 graphics card 1GB (NOT Ti!!!) Requires 2x 6pin-pci-e cables
CPU - i5 2500k @ 3.3 GHz - Quad Core 1155 socket
Mob - Gigabyte H61M-HD2 Motherboard
RAM - 2x 4GB sticks @ 1600MHz

I recently purchased the Nvidia GTX560 from Scan, which requires 2x 6 PCI-E cables and roughly a 500W PSU as stated above, however, when I mounted it on the motherboard aswell as put the PCI-E cables in, it booted up fine................................... For about 15 minuites :fou: , when suddenly my PC just zapped and turned itself off, the GPU wasn't hot, when I went to reboot it again, the PC wouldn't boot although the mobo still had a green light on it, as I pressed the power button the CPU fan and GPU fan tryed to spin a bit, but didn't and the PC refused to boot.

For some dumb reason I convinced myself it was the PSU, so I bought a new one (The exact same model) and tryed it again....... It didn't boot...... I persume the GPU has a shrt circuit? :pt1cable:

The strange thing is that if I remove the PSU PCI-E cables from the GPU and boot it up with the GPU still mounted to the motherbord it boots with no display.. Which is kind of expected..

Does anybody know what's wrong with my card? Remember it's literally under a week old!!

Thanks in advance :hello:
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  1. Sounds like you may have blew it?

    I'm not entirely sure on that but if you disconnect the power cords to it that should pretty much make it as if the card isn't even there, and then it boots. However when you re-plug it all in it won't boot, I would assume that something is up with that GPU! Do you have another card lying around that you can try out quick?
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