GTX 650 run on my PSU?

My GPU is dying and I'm going to replace it with a GTX 650 since I don't need much and hardly game. It says it needs a 400w psu with 20A on a 12v rail. My PSU is 500w with 18A on 2 12V rails. Is this going to be enough to power it?
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  1. What PSU do you have? 18A on a 500w seems very low as in it looks to be a bad PSU/old PSU.
  2. The PSU is relatively old, probably 6-7 years old. I know it's from OCZ, but not sure on the model without opening my case. It's 18A on one 12v rail and 18A on another 12v rail. I always get confused with how that works when it comes to total amps needed.
  3. Honestly most older PSU's with "multiple rails" simple connected them internally so they are actually a single.
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